April 3, 2024

Unveiling Our New Website: A Major Leap Forward

Fingo Africa unveils its redesigned website, aligning with its mobile app for a seamless user experience. The update showcases milestones, leadership, and upcoming features, reflecting Fingo's commitment to innovation and setting new standards in digital banking. Join Fingo on its journey to empower Africa financially.

Fingo Africa is excited to announce the launch of our revamped website, marking a significant step in our mission to redefine digital finance in Africa. This update is more than just a visual refresh; it's a complete overhaul that brings our digital presence in line with the intuitive, user-friendly experience of our mobile app.

Unified Digital Experience

We recognize the importance of a cohesive brand experience across all platforms. That's why we've redesigned our website to reflect the design and functionality of our mobile app. Whether you're using Fingo Africa on your phone or computer, you'll find a consistent and seamless experience. Our goal is to exceed international industry standards, ensuring that every touchpoint with Fingo Africa meets the highest quality.

Beyond Just a Website

The updated Fingo Africa website serves as a comprehensive portal into what we stand for and aim to achieve. Here's a closer look at what's new:

Our Progress and Achievements

Explore the milestones that highlight our journey towards innovating in the financial sector.

Meet Our Leaders

Learn about the advisory board leading Fingo Africa. Our leadership page introduces the experts and pioneers at the helm, guiding us to remain leaders in financial technology.

What's Next

Our site now provides a sneak peek into both our existing services and exciting features on the horizon:

  • Interactive Banking with Trivia & Transact: Experience banking like never before with engaging new features.
  • Accounts for Every Need: Whether you're running a business or freelancing, we've got tailored accounts for you.
  • Upcoming Financial Tools: Get a preview of services designed to help you manage, save, and spend smarter, including interest-earning savings accounts, debit cards, and budgeting tools.

Setting New Standards

This website relaunch is a statement of our commitment to not just participate in the market but to lead and innovate. We're setting new standards, offering a platform that combines superior functionality with a visually appealing design.

Join Us

We invite you to explore the new Fingo Africa website and see firsthand how we're transforming digital banking. It's a window into our work, our future, and our vision for a financially empowered Africa. As we move forward, expanding our services and features, we're excited to have you with us on this journey.


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