April 24, 2024

A Fresh Take on Fingo Africa's Rewards System

Experience the thrill of earning and spending with Fingo's revamped Rewards: more ways to earn Fingo Coins, instant discounts across your favorite services, and exciting raffles await!

In the bustling landscape of FinTech innovations, Fingo Africa is set to redefine the rewards experience with an exciting revamp of the "Rewards" section and the innovative use of Fingo Coins. This initiative not only promises to elevate the daily financial interactions of users but also aims to cement Fingo Africa as a trailblazer in fostering user loyalty through digital currency.

New Ways to Earn Fingo Coins

Fingo Africa introduces a diverse array of opportunities for users to accumulate Fingo Coins, enhancing every transaction with a touch of excitement and reward. Users can now earn coins through regular transactions such as:

  • Making Payments: Every purchase made using Fingo’s payment solutions rewards users with coins.

  • Completing Challenges: Earn Fingo Coins by completing essential tasks like generating a Fingo Virtual PrePaid card, opening savings goals, and frequent MPESA transactions.

    New users can also earn a significant coin bonus by finishing five key onboarding actions, turning everyday financial management into a rewarding journey.

  • Routine Activities: Activities like buying airtime.

Moreover, Fingo Africa encourages community interaction and user engagement through fun-filled activities like:

  • Trivia Games: Users can challenge their knowledge and earn coins.
  • Referral Program: Inviting friends to join Fingo not only expands the community but also enriches the referrer’s coin stash.

Revamped Redemption Options

With an enhanced focus on versatility, the new rewards system introduces multiple ways to use Fingo Coins, ensuring that every user finds value in every transaction:

  • Subscriptions and Services: Users can now redeem their coins for discounts on popular platforms like Netflix and Spotify. After purchasing a discount, the amount saved will be credited back to the user’s account immediately after payment is made.
  • One-time Payments: Discounts are also available for one-time payments through services like Uber and Glovo, making everyday tasks more rewarding.
  • Raffles and Prizes: By converting coins into raffle tickets, users gain the chance to win big in weekly draws, featuring prizes from esteemed vendors.
  • Spin to Win: The beloved ‘Spin to Win’ feature continues, allowing users to use their coins for a chance at instant rewards.

Strategic Partnerships and Vendor Involvement

Key to the success of the new rewards system is the strategic partnership with vendors. These collaborations not only expand the utility of Fingo Coins but also bring exclusive deals and offers to the Fingo community, enhancing the overall user experience.


Fingo Africa's revamped rewards program is a bold step towards redefining how digital currency can be integrated into everyday financial activities. By focusing on user engagement, versatile redemption options, and strategic partnerships, Fingo Africa is set to enhance the financial lives of its users while setting new standards in the FinTech industry.

Stay tuned as we continue to innovate and elevate your banking experience with Fingo Africa — where your finances meet the future.


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