February 22, 2023

6 ways you can make extra money online today

The internet offers a vast array of opportunities for earning additional income. From starting your own online business to finding freelance work.

6 ways you can make extra money online today

The internet offers a vast array of opportunities for earning additional income. From starting your own online business to finding freelance work or participating in online surveys and paid focus groups, there are many ways to make money online. We asked some of our friends and users to share what has worked for them and have compiled the ones that came up the most.

As 2023 is coming up, consider which of the below can work for you and get started researching/putting the business in place. Happy reading:

  1. Start an online store: Understand your market and find the products to sell to them. This could range from handmade crafts, thrifted clothes, bags and shoes; paintings etc. There’s a market for everything and all you need is the right targeting and consistency
  2. Participating in online surveys and focus groups: Many companies are willing to pay for consumer opinions and feedback, and there are several websites that connect individuals with these opportunities like Survey Junkie or Swagbucks.
  3. Teaching or tutoring online: If you have expertise in a particular subject, you can earn money by teaching or tutoring others online. There are several platforms that connect educators with students looking for help or sites where you can record content and upload e.g. Udemy. Check them out and see which ones would work for you. It would be a great source of passive income.
  4. Rent out your space: If you have extra space in your home, you can earn extra income by renting it out on platforms like Airbnb. You can also hire out your car when you’re not using it.
  5. Sell your photos or videos: If you have a knack for photography or videography, you can sell your photos and videos on stock image websites like Shutterstock or iStock.
  6. Freelancing: The gig economy is booming, and there are plenty of opportunities for freelancers to find work in a variety of fields, including writing, graphic design and web development among others. One that was recommended is Fiverr. Fiverr is a website that connects freelancers with clients looking for services such as writing, design, or marketing. You can create a profile and offer your services to earn extra income on the side.

These are just but a few of the many ways you can consider to help you make extra income. All it takes is discipline to build it up, the right targeting and patience. We have seen many people moving from their day jobs to running their side hassles full time because they ended up earning them more money than their day jobs.

As you work on your 2023 resolutions, consider taking up one of the above. You might end up being pleasantly surprised.


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